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2010.11.14.Thoughts on program

What do I want from the site? What does the site need? I want to amplify the site’s character. The site’s real character and history, including its richness and layered personality that will tell its life story (which is being covered up by the surrounding buildings). How can the program be connected to the present, while still connect to its past? Will it be some kind of instrument that reveals the site’s personality through a modulation of wind? Will the site amplify a piece of the site that has been around all along, throughout its lifetime (i.e., the wind). Something that is still around to tell the story of the site.

Let people experience what the site is saying, to reveal the intangible.

Will the architecture be suspended in between the two buildings at the site? This would relate to the aeolian harp as an instrument, modulating the wind. Will the space isolate inhabitants from the futuristic media, allowing a sort of meditation with the site? It should allow for the experience of the site, and make the real site’s character come alive again.

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